3 RV Hacks Every Full-Time RV’er Should Know

Buying an RV is so exciting! You can travel, see new things, and check off bucket list items.  But once you have taken a few trips, you may realize there are a lot of things you just don’t know. Fortunately, there are many people who have already experienced full-time RV life and have learned a thing or two.  

While it’s great to explore the RV life in your own way, getting some tips from experienced RVers can help you to get more out of your RV.  We’ve put together a list of hacks that every full-time RVer should know about. These simple hacks will make traveling in your RV more fun and save you a few headaches.

Pack An Emergency Kit

Road trips in your RV can be fun and exciting, but they can also be full of surprises. Before you travel in your RV, make sure you have an emergency kit on board.  This should include basic tools if you should need to do a minor repair, as well as first aid items. Make sure that you have some extra water, food, medicine, and things you might need in the event you get stuck somewhere in your RV. Chances are you won’t need it, but it’s always best to have an emergency kit available.

Create An RV Checklist

Before you head out on your big adventure, create an RV travel checklist. One of the biggest mistakes people make when traveling in their RV is not having everything planned out before they leave. Having a list of everything you need to travel with and everything you need to do before you take off is incredibly helpful. Once you’ve taken a few trips your list should be comprehensive, but when you first start a general pre-drive list is helpful. You can start with the basics and add things to your list as you learn the ropes.

Some things you may want to include on your list are: 

  • A list of all the essential things you need: toiletries, clothes, medications, etc.
  • A downloaded road map (even if you have GPS, it’s best to have a downloaded version just in case you lose service)
  • A checklist of things you need to do before you leave a site. For example, is everything secured? Have you checked your waste tank valves? 

Use an RV GPS App

If you are planning to hit the road in your RV, it’s important to know whether you can fit under every bridge and overpass along your route. Passing under a low-clearance bridge or overpass can cause damage to the roof of your RV and leave you with expensive repairs. This is not only something to be aware of while on the road, but you should plan your route to accommodate the height of your RV.  

If you don’t know or don’t plan ahead, you could experience a highway disaster that is both dangerous and could cost you a lot of money. No matter what kind of RV you have, before you travel in it, know the height of your rig.

Once you know the height, you can plan your trip. You can even use an RV GPS app to help you plan your trip. There are a few apps designed just for full-time RV’ers that will help you navigate your trips to ensure that you won’t run into any low-clearance bridges or overpasses. 

These are a few simple hacks that every full-time RV’er should know about. As you travel in your RV, you’ll pick up your own tricks and tips. These are just a few of the basics every RV owner should know. If you’re ready to explore the RV life, stop by Good Sense RV and see all the options for enjoying the full-time RV life.

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